Author’s Bio

I’m Rahul Raoniar, a fifth-year doctoral student, pursuing research in Transportation System Engineering (Department of Civil Engineering) at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. I love learning new things every day. Currently, I am working with Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Maurya on pedestrian risk-taking behaviour at intersection crosswalks. Prior to arriving at IIT Guwahati, I have earned a master’s degree in Transportation Engineering from Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI Lab, Delhi, India) and worked as a Trainee Scientist in CSIR-CRRI for consecutive 3 years; where I have studied the performance of Delhi’s transport systems.


Pedestrian safety analysis, R & Python Programming, Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Big data, and Data Structures and Algorithms.

Technical Skills & Expertise

  • Languages: R, Python, and MySQL
  • Core Transportation: Transportation Planning, Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Analysis, Traffic Engineering.
  • Applied Data Science: Data Collection, Manipulation, Exploratory Analysis, Feature Engineering, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning and Report Preparation.
  • Applied ML: Classification and Regression Models (traditional, tree-based, and ensemble models), Deep Learning, clustering (K-means, hierarchical and density-based), and Time Series Forecasting.
  • Core Analytics Tools: Microsoft Office, Tableau, Tableau Prep, MySQL, GIT, STATA, SPSS, SPSS AMOS, Notebooks ( Jupyter, Google Collab, etc.), IDE (RStudio, Pycharm, and VScode).
  • Libraries: Data Manipulation (dplyr, pandas, dfply), Visualization (ggplot2, plotly, matplotlib, seaborn, plotnine), Text Analysis (regex and spaCy), Machine Learning (scikit learn, statsmodels, tidymodels, keras, tensorflow, H2o, lifelines, survival, pycaret, carat), Computer Vision (OpenCV), Big Data (PySpark), Web Application (streamlit and plotly dash).

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