Python Projects

  • Built a password generator
  • Created a hangman game using python
  • Created an auction program
  • Created a blackjack game
  • Built a number guessing game
  • Build a quiz game
  • Built a snake game using turtle graphics
  • Built a pong game using turtle graphics
  • Built a crossy road game using turtle graphics

Data Science and ML Projects

  • Exploratory analysis of gapminder data using ggplo2, Plotly and seaborn libraries
  • Modelling diabetes using R and python (stats models package)
  • Built diabetes classification model with Pycaret library (multiple model comparison and hyper-parameters tuning)
  • MNIST data classification using Keras (TensorFlow) and Pytorch
  • Deep learning model hyper-parameter optimization using Keras and sklearn
  • Built a cat vs dog CNN classification model using Keras
  • Customer segmentation using different clustering techniques
  • Diabetes classification model explanation using LIME
  • Modelled concrete strength and build a model explainer using Shapley values
  • Built a Cox Proportional Hazard model to predict when current employees are going to leave an organization using pythons Lifelines package
  • Tableau based analysis and visualization of NBA basketball teams’ data

Web Applications

  • Built a Streamlit based ML application for diabetes prediction
  • Built a data error checker using Streamlit application
  • Built a Streamlit based probability distribution fitter application and deployed it in Heroku cloud [Link]
  • Built a Streamlit based NLP application [Link]
  • Built a Streamlit based face blurring application [Link]

Ph.D. Projects

  • Impact of social and non-social factors in pedestrian signal violation decision making at intersection crosswalks
  • Impact of pedestrian distraction on the road crossing behaviour at signalized intersection crosswalks
  • Factors influencing safety margin and crossing speed at the intersection crosswalks
  • Identifying the optimal red-phase length at intersection crosswalks using survival-based models [Cox Proportional Hazard model and Accelerated Failure Time model (AFT)]
  • Modelling and understanding the pedestrian foot-over bride and skywalks usability across India [Ensemble Based Machine Learning Techniques]
  • Parents’ Role in School Mode Choice for their Children: A Guwahati based case study

M.Tech Project

Evaluated the qualitative factors that diminished or increased system usage for both bus and train users.

B.Tech Project

Designed rainwater harvesting system for engineering college.

Diploma Project

Designed Higher and Middle Income Group Community Residential Buildings.